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Using Monoclonal Antibodies to Fight the Delta Variant in Long-Term Care

During the COVID pandemic, WA-PALTC has hosted 18 webinars on managing the virus within long-term care. A subject we covered multiple times -- Using Monoclonal Antibodies in Long-Term Care -- has gained wide interest. Monoclonal antibodies are effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths of high risk COVID patients. They are also now indicated for post-exposure prevention in LTC facilities. Monoclonal antibodies have been purchased by HHS and are free of charge. We are seeing very encouraging results from this treatment and we thought it was important to update this information with the latest resources. Below you will find links to the latest information from a variety of sources. 

Step #1  Who's eligible?

For an outbreak in a long term care, there's a list below. (If you need more detailed information on eligibility, refer to the Regeneron EUA Guidebook, the WA State Department of Health FAQ, the HHS Guide to mAB, or the University of Kansas playbook.)

  • Unvaccinated patients with COVID

  • Vaccinated patients with COVID

  • Unvaccinated exposed patients

  • Vaccinated, exposed, and highly immunosuppressed patients

  • Staff who meet criteria

Step #2  Obtain mAB in WA
You can obtain monoclonal antibodies 
from your LTC pharmacy or the State of Washington asks providers to request mAB at

Step #3  Administering mAB

Here's a how-to guide on administering monoclonal antibodies in your facility.

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